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My name is Roberta and I have been involved in interior design for 30 years. My business gives me a lot of satisfaction, but the greatest is certainly to accompany the customer in the process of renewal and restyling of his environments: I know the needs of the person well and I know how important it is to return home and find an environment that reflects you or work in a place that makes you perfectly comfortable.

I am fortunate to have a job that fascinates me and still involves me today as when I started.

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Furniture design

Furniture design and accessories

Lighting design

Furniture selection

Art and antiques

Furnishing accessories

Technical specifications of furniture

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Starting from the careful analysis of the location, not intended only as a geographical position but also in terms of history, architecture, catchment area, competitors, Living Contract carefully plans spaces and functionality. The aim is to create a unique and never repeatable product, in line with attentive listening to the customer, as it is also unique and unrepeatable. The project is drawn up and compiled according to technical needs and rigorously carried out within a precise and expertly planned timing of interventions.

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Internal and external in a constant dialogue: if the outside is the face, the inside is the soul.
Lighting, colors and materials are designed, chosen or created ad hoc and carefully screened in a pre-study phase with accurate drawings and rendering. Once the project is approved in principle, the work begins with executive drawings and construction details, furnishing specifications, choice of suppliers, control of estimates, execution of works with assistance and artistic direction.

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The study of custom-made furniture and furnishings is one of the fundamental elements of characterization of a structure. Living Contract’s long experience in this sector allows the proposal of highly efficient solutions in relation to style needs, without neglecting production engineering for cost and time optimization.

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A Design Laboratory

A point of reference for designers from the Italian, French and Swiss territories. Living Contract is structured as a contemporary research and experimentation laboratory for interior design. Its CORE allows you to tackle the development of extremely particular furnishing projects: unique pieces, sophisticated surfaces, chromatic and sensorial research, development of tailor-made solutions, always with rigor and attention to the most contemporary and sophisticated design.

A culture that starts from afar and projects itself into the contemporary allows us to tackle tailor-made projects with unique and unmistakable characteristics. Our network of collaborations is not lacking in design and creativity. Experience is flanked by experimentation and research that takes the form of furnishings, surfaces, systems, solutions to make environments, homes and projects unique. Materials are an essential element for developing projects. Functionality, style and uniqueness find the right balance in our selection of materials and finishes. Woods, essences, cements, resins, fabrics, metals, glass, ceramics and composite materials make up a constantly evolving material library.